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Overview Ultra-quiet and reliable, the Sakura R-8168F under-cabinet range hood keeps your cooking area well ventilated. Its powerful 750 CFM twin centrifugal turbo fans get rid of smoke, steam, odors and bacteria, while patented grease-trapping cups keep grease out of the hood. Time-delay mode lets you leave the fan on as you go and enjoy your culinary creation.

  • 750 CFM extraction for removing, smoke, steam, odors and bacteria
  • Patented grease trapping cups and aluminum filters, traps oil and prevents grease from entering the hood (both the cups and filters are detachable and dishwasher safe)
  • 3 layers of aluminum grease filter system, detachable and dishwasher safe
  • Twin jet-turbine vane with teflon coated, non-stick surface
  • Front smoke cover re-directs smoke and steam
  • Patented twin oil trapping cones with filters
  • Operates with a quiet sound level 1.5 – 4 sone
  • Time delay mode for 3, 10, 30 and 60 minutes - saving you energy and allowing you to walk away from the kitchen
  • Two-mode lighting
  • Dual halogen lights
  • Mico soft touch 3-speed individual control
  • All parts are made at Sakura Taiwan with excellent quality control